New opportunities, Bulgarian achievements in the field of robotics, trends, sharing of experience and results, drawing up development strategies. All these topics and much more lie in the focus of the Robotics Strategy Forum 2019. The host of this inspirational event is Inter Expo Center and the hall where it is to held is the completely renewed "Vitosha" hall, with a unique curved screen providing 360-degree visualization.

The forum is organized by the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation (PARA) and the Executive Agency for promotion of Small and medium enterprises (EAPSME). The event gives the opportunity to the participants to experience the knowledge of eminent lecturers from the country and abroad.

 Alex Harvey will be one of the guests – he is the General Manager in charge of automation and embedded systems in Ocado Technology, who is also a leading expert in artificial intelligence and robotics. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the robots of Giga Automata, Festo, ABB and iRise Mechanics. 

The opportunities provided by Bulgaria 

Robotics Strategy Forum 2019 started with a brief analysis of the role of automation in the Bulgarian industry and continued with the panels "New Bulgarian Industry" and "The Future of Robotics".

An interesting insight into robotics is given by the panel dedicated to the robo-start-ups in the country. "It turned out to be easier in Bulgaria ", Georgi Arabadzhiev from Giga Automata commented. According to him, the development of projects in the West is very difficult because a greater resource is required in every respect. Viktor Manev from IMPETUS Capital determined the lack of ability to make sales as one of the disadvantages of the Bulgarian business.

And more...

The Forum gives the participants the opportunity to learn more about the legal challenges before the robots of the future, the copyrights in the works of AI algorithms, the autonomous cars, hiring, training and retraining of personnel in Robotics and automation.

A special place is devoted to the "Education of the Future". The panel focuses on the training of future Bulgarian engineers in Electronics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Software Engineering, etc., as well as the teaching of STEM programs in Bulgaria at high school, university and extra-curriculum level.