Old and experienced or young and dynamic? Inter Expo Center integrates both tradition and innovation.

Inter Expo Center is a company specialised in the organisation of specialised exhibitions and congress events. Featuring a programme of about 40 international specialised exhibitions, held every year on the territory of Inter Expo and Congress Center, the Agency holds the leading position among the Bulgarian companies with similar activity.

The close cooperation with branch and non-government organisations, business society and foreign partners consolidates the prestige of the international specialised exhibitions.

The main goal of Inter Expo Center's team has always been to develop the already acclaimed exhibitions and, at the same time, to realise ideas and concepts for new events, related to the priority field of development of the Bulgarian and world economy, giving them power for business. The innovative concept of the Center's exhibition policy provides an ideal platform for comprehensive presentation of the exhibiting companies, offering additional business perspectives and making the new achievements apparent.

Inter Expo Center is specialised in:

  • Organising and hosting international specialised exhibitions
  • Stand design and construction
  • Organising different business events: congresses, conferences, seminars, promotions, presentations, ceremonies, company celebrations, etc.
  • Offering various advertising services
  • Forwarding, logistics and customs services
  • The events are organised in the exhibition and congress halls of Inter Expo and Congress Center.


1958 - Bulgarreklama Agency was established as a structure in the system of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  
1974 - Bulgarreklama Agency gained the status of an independent advertising agency and became the first agency in Bulgaria offering full advertising services
1994 - Bulgarreklama Holding was formed to privatise Bulgarreklama Agency, preserving its business name and trademark already well known on the international stage
2001 -  Inauguration of the first and only exhibition complex in Sofia – Inter Expo and Congress Center. Founders - Bulgarreklama Holding, Bulgarreklama Agency, Sofia Municipality and Bulgarian Industrial Association. A new company Expo Logistik is created
2003 - Congress Center as a part of the exhibition complex and the 3rd exhibition pavilion opened its doors
2004 - Inter Expo Center became a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry /UFI/ and of the Bulgarian Convention and Visitors Bureau /BCVB/
2006 - Inter Expo Center became a member of Central European Fair Alliance /CEFA/. 4th exhibition pavilion started to function
2008 - 5th and 6th exhibition pavilions were  put into operation
2010 - Agency founder Bulgarreklama Ivan Ivanov was elected president of the Central European Fair Alliance /CEFA/.
2012 - Discovered Station Inter Expo Center, directly in front of the exhibition center and has parking places from 1600.
2015 – The name of the company “Bulgarreklama Agency” EOOD has changed to “Inter Expo Center” EOOD